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You have been trying too hard!  You have been using your Conscious mind to lose weight, when you could be using your Subconscious Mind!  "Thinness Is A Thought Away" is a lively 2 hour class that explains the role of the subconscious mind in your weight loss battle. The Subconscious mind holds the key to understanding why we hold onto extra weight.  We'll show you how you can use your mind to get the weight off and keep it off!

What's Different About Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

  • Gives you more self-control
  • No DRUGS or posions
  • All Natural- completely brain powered- No side affects
  • Stops Cravings for bad foods
  • Changes in behavior are automatic
  • Cost effective- no expesive meal plans
  • No starvation diets- you'll never be hungry


  • 2 hour workshop
  • Learn why people struggle with weight loss
  • Learn how hypnosis works
  • Discover how your own thinking can make you thin or fat
  • Learn about healthy eating- no starvation diets
  • Includes a 35 minute group hypnotherapy session



During our class we will perform a 35 minute group hypnotherapy session. We will accomplish the following:

  • Give you more self-control and discipline
  • Make you much less attracted to bad foods and drinks
  • Make your more attracted to healthy eating
  • Give you a "key word" to help your resist tempting foods
  • Help you eat only when hungry


To help you ultimately eat the way you always knew you should.  Share with you the secrets to help weight loss become a reality in your life!


  • $69.00 for our weight loss class.  This inclused an Mp3 recording to reinforce the work we do together.

BRING A FRIEND- $5 off your session for each friend you refer!  Weight Loss is always easier with company!

Book Your Session NOW or call- 404-459-2705.  Space limited!

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I went for my first hypnotherapy session 39 days ago today. And I have been chocolate free since that day. This is not a joke; I still can't believe it myself. Today I can do something I have never done before and that is: I walk past a piece of chocolate without wanting it. It is literally amazing. The power of retraining the subconscious is insurmountable. It can't be beat. Because of these hypnotherapy sessions I have lost 17 lbs. in 39 days. That’s about 3.4 lbs. a WEEK. I am sold and I am loving these powerful results. Thank You Valerie!

-Twila Parker  (Actual results may vary)


I have been trying to lose weight for years and have been consistently stuck at the same weight.  I thought I would give Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy a chance to help with whatever was hold me back from dropping the pounds.  I was so surprised that not only that I could be hypnotized but how well the suggestions worked.  I lost over 10 pounds and finally feel in control.  I finally feel it is possible to reach my goal!

Kim MacMunn (Actual results may vary)




Valerie Odom Cobbin, BA, MBA at BRIGHTER TOMORROW HYPNOTHERAPY is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is also a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  She uses a combination of deep relaxation, focused attention and heightened suggestibility, the essential components of hypnosis, to affect the subconscious mind.  Valerie serves as a guide in a cooperative process that can help those desiring to modify unproductive behavior, release negative beliefs and emotions as well as tap into a wellspring of creativity.  She has been practicing hypnosis for over 7 years.  Typical issues include: Weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, fears, anxieties, insomnia, and relationship enhancement.  Ultimately, Valerie empowers her clients to program their own success. 

*Actual results may vary