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Here We Go Again!
Like many people, I have a tradition of creating a New Year’s
Resolution. For the first time in years, weight loss will not
be on my list! I have had an epiphany about my weight. I’ve
been helping people lose weight successfully for many years,
myself included. However, I still believed that I had to use my
conscious mind to do most of the work, like counting calories. This
year I took a course that changed my mind and my life to some
degree. Of course, hypnosis is not magic and you still must make
practical decisions concerning weight loss. However, this year I
simply allowed my subconscious mind to do most of the work, with
great results. Although I am a very positive thinker, I learned I still
have thoughts that keep me from reaching my full potential. For
example, I always believed my slow thyroid made it hard to lose
weight. This year I found out this particular belief was the primary
reason I had not reached my goal. The subconscious mind acts
out all of the concepts and the ideas that come into it. Therefore,
the subconscious acted out this belief making it more difficult to
lose the weight. It was not until I reprogrammed this thought that I
began to have better results.
Our thoughts impact every aspect of our lives. So this year, as
you create your new year’s resolution, ask yourself if you have any
thoughts that may be keeping you from reaching your goals and
examine them. If the same resolution
comes up on your list year after year,
you owe yourself the time to make sure
your thoughts are not limiting your
potential. Have a great year!